LongHouse at Riverbend

Riverbend is a boutique retreat of varying scales, a place of gathering and of individual reflection. It is a place for family and fellowship, for those who come to share ideas and appreciate the understanding of meditation. The vision of Riverbend is to create a place that affords its friends the peace and quiet to find a thought or respire, wherever their spirit is traveling. As much a home, Riverbend is an extension of family understanding through the sharing of the day around a meal and the warmth of time together. Limited vehicular mobility to the site provides a challenge to visitors, and upon arrival the design of facilities should promote walking as the means of travel around the site. Limited accessibility to certain features may inhibit the visiting of resources, and the consideration of accommodations in the siting of the house are responsive to visitors of limited physical mobility, while maximizing the potential for connection without damaging the natural character or identity. The larger communal spaces would be designed as smaller spaces that can come together to make a larger space or contain a larger central space in their arrangement. The scale of independent spaces to be built at Riverbend would provide the minimal amount of space needed while providing all of the features of comfort possible within a natural setting. The idea is to experience the connection with nature, so smaller spaces are made larger by opening them out to nature.