The making of an uplifting experience.


Our design approach merges three disciplines - architecture, exhibition design and product design - to creatively envision the betterment of public health.  We specialize in domestic and institutional commissions, as well as applied research that relates human usage, behavior, and product appeal. 



Architect, assistant professor of architecture working with the former UM Medical Innovation Center and now the UM Child Disparities Research Laboratory, Ulysses’ interests are working on domestic disparities within institutional conditions, addressing the inequalities as an interior urban-experience that challenges the policy terms of the situation.  His work on the equity of public spaces in educational environments is a direct application of his work in inclusive design and two decades of designing schools.



Artist and product designer with 25 years of calligraphy training working with national and international galleries, Ziui’s interests are in balancing binary calligraphic forms within a contained condition, addressing how balance is achieved through the placement of a singular entity, versus two equal or unequal entities.  Her work is a direct application of historical calligraphy referencing energy, emotion, ambiance interpreted as a physical space,  translating visual references from writing into painting through the isolation of strong and weak elements.